Atracții turistice - - DADA Monument

Tristan Tzara is the pseudonym of the Romanian poet and essayist Samuel Rosenstock, born at Moineşti and established in France. Tzara was the co-founder of the Dadaist cultural movement that led to a major revolution in the plastic arts and literature. Tzara died in 1963, in Paris, and he is buried at Montparnasse Cemetery.

The artist generation after WWI, confronted for the first time with the horrors of a war that did not seem to end, was one of the most radical in the history of humanity. The intellectual, the deserters, the political refugees, all outraged with the absurdity of this conflict, regularly met the Romanian writer Tristan Tzara, organizer of „Voltaire” Cabaret, in Zurich, capital city of Switzerland, a neutral State back then. Wanting to answer the absurd with absurd, they manifested their outrage by provocation rather than esthetic ideas, setting up thus what was to become the „Dada” artistic current.

The DADA monument was erected at the entrance in Moineşti town (coming from Bacău) in honor of Tristan Tzara and the artistic current he created, after 100 years from his birth. The monument was made by the German sculptor of Romanian origin Ingo Glass.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 29' 38" N
Longitudine: 26° 32' 4" E


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