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Măgura Ocnei Monument – Museum is one of the most impressive monuments built in the memory of the fallen soldiers during the WWI. It is situated at a 520 m altitude on Măgura hill, 2 km away from Târgu Ocna – Slănic Moldova roadway, followed by a road that climbs dramatically on the mountain slope. It was built between 1925-1928, in memory of the 14.000 Romanian soldiers fallen in WWI at Oituz, Coşna and Cireşoaia.

On the frontispiece it is written: “Tell the future generations that we did our duty”.

The works to build this imposing edifice were performed by veteran soldiers, who survived the terrible battles from Oituz-Coşna-Cireşoaia. The funds necessary for this construction were raised by public subscription by Mihai Teodoru, the mastermind of this project, helped by architect Constantin Ciogolea, born here but living in Bucharest. The Heroes’ Monument is composed of a ground floor and two other floors, linked through an interior circular stairways, it has a 22 m height and is entirely made of carved stone, in the shape of a cannon shot. Until the beginning of WWII, it was guarded day and night by the soldiers of the city garrison. After the war, the Monument was neglected but between 1972-1974, it was renovated and opened as a museum.

The museum has got already a collection of WWI original photos (with general Al. Averescu – commander of second Army, general C. Pezan, general E. Grigorescu also), different types of weaponry and munitions from WWI (weapons, cannon shots used by mountain hunters, different caliber cartridges, etc.), honorific medals awarded for brave deeds, soldier uniforms from 1917.

On the ground floor there is a commemorative plaque deposited on the grave of un unknown soldier, discovered in trenches that are visible even nowadays at Coşna, with a touching text: „You, Men-at-arms that fought for your country, Heroes of Faith, soldiers, Wherever you lay in the grave, May you rest in peace! (To the heroes fallen during the 1916-1919 war).” Above the unknown hero’s grave there are two battle flags of the 15th Infantry Regiment and 4th Artillery Regiment, two of the regiments that fought hard at Oituz.

Next to the museum building the cross-monument was brought, the one that was originally built at Coşna where grenadier corporal Constantin Muşat of 2ndBorder GuardRegiment heroically fell.

Măgura Ocnei Monastery is located 50 m higher.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 16' 14" N
Longitudine: 26° 35' 22" E


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