Atracții turistice - - Mountain itineraries in the Nemira Mountains

The itineraries in the Nemira mountains are an attraction for mountain lovers due to the special scenery and the wild aspect of the places. Though less of a tourist attraction and also less tall than other mountains (the highest peak is 1649 m high), the Nemira mountains will always offer tourists the surprise of discovering some wonderful places. One point of access to the itineraries in the Nemira mountains may be Dărmăneşti (Sălătruc village, near the dam of Poiana Uzului), or Dofteana, or Slănic Moldova (the resort or the tourist layover), or Oituz (Poiana Sărată village), or Oituz gorge, or alternatively the county of Covasna (Lemnia, Breţcu and Estelnic).

The Nemira mountains belong in the central group of the Oriental Carpathians, bordering on its southern border, and in the area of the eastern sedimentary mountains. The main crest has a north-south orientation, and the middle third of the main crest is the very border between the county of Bacău and the county of Covasna.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 15' 38" N
Longitudine: 26° 26' 38" E


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