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The building that hosts the Nicu Enea memorial exposition was built in 1926, owned  by Gheorghe Paloşanu, the father of Elvira Enea. Elvira and Nicu Enea lived between 1929 – 1960 in this house, information written on the plaque on the house façade, which states it as patrimony.

In November 1968, Elvira Enea makes a donation offer which includes the real estate, the related land, 130 painting works, 210 graphic works, furniture and objects that belonged to painter Nicu Enea, donation accepted by the County Committee of Culture in May 1969. After being set up, in December 1970, the house is opened to the public, Elvira Enea acting as custodian.

“Nicu Enea” Collection contains the donated works and objects. From the total of the collection works, 54 painting works are displayed in the three rooms of the house plus the furniture, the painter’s personal objects and some sculpture small works. The permanent exhibition offers to the visitor the possibility to know the works of Nicu Enea (1897-1960) whose temporal and spiritual affirmation overlaps one of the most fertile and exciting period in the history of Romanian art, the interwar period.


Address:  Str. Nicu Enea Nr. 31, 600191, Bacău, județul Bacău

Telephone: 0234.510.470

Visiting hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 9 – 17
Monday closed

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 34' 23" N
Longitudine: 26° 54' 58" E


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