Atracții turistice - - “Rosetti Tescanu – George Enescu” – Cultural Center from Tescani

“ROSETTI TESCANU – GEORGE ENESCU” Cultural Center is situated in the village with the same name, on the national road Bacău-Moineşti, at 35km from Bacău, at 30km from Oneşti, at 14km from Moineşti and it operates in the former mansion of the famous aristocratic family Rosetti Tescanu being declared Historical monument. It was built in 1880 in a beautiful dendrologic park.

The Rosetti – Enescu Memorial house from the Main building was inaugurated between 1980-1990. In 1990 it became the Tescani Cultural Centre, then, from 1993 “Rosetti Tescanu – George Enescu” Cultural Center.

Currently, the site has also got: a concert hall “OEDIPE” with 60 seats; outdoor stage for orchestra of 60 persons with a capacity of 300 persons; conference room with 35 seats; three multifunctional workshops; art gallery; library; specialty library for research (G. Enescu); reading and listening room.


„Rosetti Tescanu – George Enescu“ Cultural center hosts traditional events like:
– ”Enescu-Orfeu Moldav” International festival of music in the open
–  Creation and plastic art International camp
–  Summer schools
–  Classic music concerts


Address: Sat Tescani nr. 126, Judeţul Bacău, cod 607056
Telephone: 0234353545, Fax: 0234353545

Constant working hours: 8-16. In case of events, the working hours can be changed.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 30' 43" N
Longitudine: 26° 38' 58" E


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