Atracții turistice - - Runc Monastery

Assigned by the oral tradition to the voivode Ștefan cel Mare și Sfant, who is thought to have had it built after the battle of Gura Orbicului in 1457, the Runc Monastery is mentioned in a document of 1 April 1695 certifying a gift made by the lord steward Ionașcu Isăcescu to his wife Alexandra, who are actually considered the founders of this sanctuary. Before 1888, the Runc Monastery had had its own synod of monks, but it was abolished that year and affiliated as secular church to the Lipoveni parish (nowadays Bârjoveni II), of Români Commune, Neamț County, until 1941, when, by the diligence of the hieromonk Casian Cojoc (with rosary from the Sihăstria Monastery), the reestablishment is approved. Between 1953 and 1960, the head of the monastery is protos. Sofronie Ungureanu who distinguished himself by his care for the strengthening of the spiritual life, by the reinstatement of community-specific practices.

In 1959, by the decree no. 410/7.XI.1959, the monastery is again closed, and the state becomes the owner of the land and immovable property.

The flame of the monastic life was rekindled in 1967, when the monastery is reopened for its wandering spiritual sons. Several heads of the community life follow, each having a significant contribution to the adornment of the sanctuary: archim. Isaia Tugurlan (with rosary from the Bogdana Monastery), between 1967 and 1977; protos. Melchisedec Nicolau, between 1977 and 1987; archim. Emilian Panait, between 1987 and 2006. Protos. Macarie Costea has been the monastery superior monk since 2006.

The monastery church, the patrons of which are Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel, founded by the lord steward Ionașcu Isăcescu and his wife Alexandra, was restored and painted (by painter Gherghe Matei of Arad) between 1986 and 1988 and it was rededicated on 2 October 1988.


Worship: Orthodox – Monk Monastery
Patron: Saints Arch. Michael and Gabriel, Saints Emperors Constantine and Helena (21 May)
Address: Cartier Runc, str. Runc, nr. 7,oraş Buhuşi, judeţul Bacău
Access: DN 15 Bacău-Piatra Neamţ (approximately 4 km from Buhuşi)

Visiting hours: The worship monuments may be visited at any time between 8 am and 8 pm.


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