Atracții turistice - - “Sf. Ap. Petru şi Pavel” Church – Etnografic Museum

In 1924 the parishioners from Boiştea together with priest Constantin Moiceanu decided to build a new church in the middle of the parish, as the old one was not big enough. Thus they formed a parish council that would bring money and materials to this work. In summer of 1924 they started purchasing the materials and began to lay the foundation for the new construction. The church was built of carved stone by skillful craftsmen under the supervision of the famous mason master Ion Silvestru of Comăneşti, after 1938. During WWII, the woks were interrupted until 1950, and the church was finished in 1958.

In time, the church received a lot of objects necessary to the cult and to its beauty. A monument was built in the yard of the church, in memory of the heroes from Dărmăneşti – finished in 1994 and dedicated on November 27, same year. With this occasion, the priest Ioan Buguş was awarded the „iconom stavrofor” distinction for his entire work at this parish. A beautiful two level feast home was also built on the spot of a former warehouse. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen with a stove and gas pipes, running water, an electric boiler, a stainless steel sink, dishes and a dining room for 150 persons approximately.

A small ethnographic museum was set at the first floor, where different extinct objects used by locals were displayed, such as: male and female popular costumes, wool rugs and, different objects that are necessary for home use like: weaving looms, warping machine, spinner and distaff, hemp breaker, combs, reel, shuttle as well as icons and an old book.


Cult: Orthodox

Church: Sfinţii Apostoli Petru şi Pavel

Address: Strada Energiei, cartierul Boiştea, Dărmăneşti

Telephone: 0234.356.326

Visiting hours: L-D: 9:00-18:00

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 21' 50" N
Longitudine: 26° 27' 40" E


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