Atracții turistice - - Slănic Moldova Balneary Sanatorium

Located in the center of Slănic Moldova resort, the Balneary Sanatorium offers rehabilitation services for adults and children, in hospital and ambulatory, with predilection on profiles of respiratory and hepato-digestive pathology.

The medical services offered by Slănic Moldova Balneary Sanatorium contain different kinds of procedures, depending on the therapy recommended by the curing physician.
PNEUMOTHERAPY: ultrasound aerosols and inhalations with mineral water daily taken from the mineral waters of Slănic Moldova resort;
MAGNETOTHERAPY: magnetodiaflux;
ELECTROTHERAPY: ultrasounds, short waves, ionizations, diadynamic, faradic, exponential, interferential currents, TENS, STOCH, trabert, Russian stimulation;
MASSAGE THERAPY: massage on areas or segments with therapeutic ointment;
THERMOTHERAPY: Paraffin applications;
HYDROTHERAPY: bubble baths,4 cell galvanic baths;

The efficiency of the balnear treatment offered by Slănic Moldova Balneary Sanatorium is also sustained with treatments prescribed by physicians based on:

Air-therapy – the air rich in aerosols and negative ions of Slănic Moldova resort, situated on the eastern side of the Oriental Carpathians (Nemira massif) at 530 m altitude, on the valley of Slănic gill;
crenotherapy – cure with mineral waters from Slănic Moldova (20 springs and shallow wells), chlorinated and bicarbonated, sodic, lightly sulphurous, chlorinated-bicarbonated, sodic, carbonated, lightly suplurous, athermal, with different concentrations and compositions, with a total mineralization between 0,5-17gr/l;
mofette – therapy – at Slănic Moldova mofettes – therapeutic gas emissions, with CO2 concentrations that are higher than 70% to be used in vascular disorders;
speleotherapy – in Tg-Ocna Saline, located at 18 km from Slănic Moldova.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 12' 26" N
Longitudine: 26° 26' 22" E


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