Atracții turistice - - Slănic Moldova Park

Slănic Moldova Central Park has an area of 4.16 hectares and offers to tourists the possibility to spend time in a lovely environment, contributing, at the same time, at the positive image of the resort. Constantly and carefully taken care of by local administration, the resort Park includes alleys laid out with benches amidst tall trees and colorful flowers, a gazebo built in the same architectural style as the whole ensemble of the Casino, fountains and anthrop falls, busts of Romanian cultural personalities, a modern playground for children, wireless internet, etc.

The Cazino Building is an emblem of Slănic Moldova resort, together with other buildings of an important significance, like Racoviţă Central Pavilion and other touristic villas. The Cazino building is included in group A of the historicalmonuments, being of both national and international value, (LMI Code 2004 – BC II-m-A-00901). Dated since 1894, Slănic Moldova Cazino building was built by Italian craftsmen, beneficiating in the following years of a series of changes. From 1948 the Cazino became the headquarters of the Culture House and City Library. In 1960 two terraces are being attached to the building, in order to lay out a buffet, a beerhouse and a pension. The Cazino building was restored during 1986-1989 to the initial design, being fully arranged as a cultural-educational facility.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 13' 37" N
Longitudine: 26° 29' 5" E


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