Atracții turistice - - “St. Barbara” Church – Trotuş Mine

The Saint Barbara Church is impressive both due to its original “architecture” and due to its location. The little church, dedicated to the protector of the minors, is located in a huge salt mine – i.e. “Trotuş” salt mine – in the Târgu Ocna Town.

The salt mine is about two kilometers away from the town, in the Vâlcele-Slatinele salt mountain, at a 240m depth, and it is, due to its salt mine microclimate, an important natural treatment factor used in respiratory disease therapy.

The church was built and adorned between April and December 1992. This place of prayer, erected by the miners working here alone, is at 240 meters underground.

The Saint Barbara Church still is one of the few Romanian churches built in salt mines and the only one in Europe made up almost exclusively of salt.

Almost the entire “furniture” of the church was carved in the salt mountain. Thus, the appliqués of the walls, the big chandelier, lectern, arch-hierarch’s chair and other religious objects are one with the place where they are laid.

All the salt objects were coated with a special lacquer designed to prevent moist and ensure the objects’ resistance in time. The church is rather big, well lighted, and it does not miss any of the orthodox architecture elements. The iconostasis includes 24 icons, one of which depicts Saint Barbara, the spiritual patron and protector of minors.


Worship: Orthodox
Patron: Saint Barbara
Address: Strada Salinei nr. 12, Târgu Ocna
Telephone: 0234.344.017
Fax: 0234 344.022


Visiting hours:

Entrance between 7am and 2pm

Exit: 3pm

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 17' 3" N
Longitudine: 26° 36' 25" E


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