Atracții turistice - - THE 300 steps itinerary

The itinerary starts in the resort, near the springs, the very right of the spring called ”300 steps.” The steps take you through the forest, sometimes on steep slopes and meandering paths, sometimes fairly smoothly. From place to place there are spots which give you vistas of the resort and the Nemira mountains. On the way down, some of the paths are rather steep, however manageable even for the tourists who come to the resort for relaxation, though some tourists prefer to take the stairs to the starting point. The itinerary takes you back to the resort through the Layover, close to the Waterfall, and it continues along the Slănic Gorges to the springs.

The ”300 steps” itinerary is known as ”Itinerary 5” and it is in fact a walk through the forests at the foot of the Dobru mountain, over the mineral water springs of Slănic Moldova and along the Slănic Gorges. Being meant for the tourists’ active relaxation, the itinerary ”300 steps” won’t need any special physical training or special gear for mountain climbing, all the more so as it starts and ends in the springs area.

The steps (stairs), more or less than 300, are stone steps most of them, but here and there concrete steps fill in the gaps. The itinerary through the wood is not difficult, and it is accessible both in the summer and in the winter. The walk will take 2.5-3 hours on average.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 13' 25" N
Longitudine: 26° 28' 35" E


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