Atracții turistice - - The Slănic Gorges and Waterfall

The Slănic gorges cover a surface of approximately 400 metres, running parallel to the paved road, at a lower height. Being made from large stones and going down smoothly on steps, the waterfall is part of the Slănic Gorges, which separate the Pufu mountain (on the left bank) and the Dobru mountain (on the right bank). The Waterfall scenery is completed by the broadleaf forest on the banks.

A footbridge built across the waterfall enables you to cross to the left bank of the river, to the concrete tile alley which runs up and down the river and gives the tourists the chance to have a very beautiful view of the waterfall and the gorges.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 13' 21" N
Longitudine: 26° 28' 10" E


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