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Welcome to Bacău!

Due to its geographic position, the county of Bacău offers many leisure opportunities, health treatment, incursions into Romanian history and culture and spiritual pilgrimage. The Slănic gorges and waterfall, the itineraries of the Nemira Mountains, mineral springs, treatment centres, memorial houses, castles and the monasteries redolent of our people’s history are strong reasons one may have to visit these places.


Since they are known as tourist objectives, in the vicinity of the sites promoted there are various accommodation facilities offered by hotels and pensions and also by some monasteries.

Accessibility and means of transport

Accessibility to all the promoted tourist objectives can be done by land transport in a network connected to European, national and local county roads. Public transport is done by railway in Oneşti, Moineşti, Bacău, Târgu Ocna or Dărmăneşti. There are also mini buses whose itineraries cover all the places in the county.

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Brief history

Intersected by roads which used to cross the Valleys of Siret, Bistriţa and Trotuş, the county of Bacău was the cradle of human activity early in its history, and that is proved by numerous archeological discoveries. In the age of Roman rule over some areas of Dacia, the civilization of Carpi or Carpiani inhabited the territory of the County of Bacău and other areas; in the second and third centuries they created an interesting civilization. The research carried out at Măgura, Bărboasa, Cârligi, Sohodol, Săuceşti has contributed to the knowledge of the history of this civilization, which developed in the wake of the Geto-Dacian civilization. History proves the continuity of the local population in the next centuries, as well as the inclusion of these regions in the area where the Romanian people was born and flourished. The evolution of the developing stage of feudalism east of the Carpathians resulted in…

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Sustainable development

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