Atracții turistice - - Saint Nicholas Church

According to the notes of the steward C.I.Iutzescu, included in a Pidaleon – Neamţ edition (1844), there is a direct reference to the current cathedral, more precisely to the year 1838, when a church starts to be erected by contributions from the Christians.

The church was finished and dedicated to service in 1848. Saint Nicholas Church is characterized by its outer decorative shapes suggesting monumentality and being cleverly proportioned. The whole design relies on the idea of expressing as clear as possible, both on the outside and in the inside, the specific features of the monovate structure preferred by the designer.

As concerns its compartmentalization, the interior observes the traditional architectural forms by a suite disposition and a design having a shape of single body of the narthex, nave and altar, preceded by an entrance vestibule located western-wise.


Worship: Orthodox
Patron: Saint Nicholas
Address: Bulevardul Unirii nr. 4, Bacău, cod 600192

Visiting hours: The worship monuments may be visited at any time between 8 am and 8 pm.

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 34' 9" N
Longitudine: 26° 54' 44" E


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