Atracții turistice - - Măgura park and spa treatment centre

The spa treatment Măgura Park in Târgu Ocna is a recent investment of the local authorities and it is situated in the Măgura Balneary Park, in the proximity of mineral water springs. The Centre has a 1.019 m2 area and includes a treatment facility, a social corpus and a technical housing.

The treatment facility contains medical testing areas, physiotherapy, maintenance and rehabilitation spaces as well as the proper technical spaces. This building has two wings disposed symmetrically, each of them designed to accommodate physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy offices, galvanic baths, paraffin packing, dietotherapy, rehabilitation massage, underwater shower, aerosol therapy, lymphatic drainage, etc. In the near future, the Centre will be offering the tourists a modern fitness gym.

Apart from the treatment facility services mentioned, there will be additional features, such as an outdoor pool, one for children and one for adults.


Park  Măgura park and spa treatment Centre, Târgu Ocna
Address: no.1 Park Măgura Street, Târgu Ocna City, Bacău County

Cordonate GPS:
Latitudine: 46° 16' 29" N
Longitudine: 26° 35' 49" E


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